Bored… lol

January 4, 2010

im sooo bored, and eating dinner 😐 lol



December 13, 2009

Heeeeeeeeey totally awesome ppllzz!

I’m, like back to blogging, not about Club Penguin or anything like that, just my life 😉 loolz! I have changed a lot in a few months, so this blog will begin to become different, because I’m now at College (secondry school I think its called in USA but im not to sure…)

Well, I have to thank a totally fantastic person behemothflies for just by say two simple, kind and caring words that managed to change my mind, and I had completely forgot about this blog until I got to comment e-mail come through on my googlemail account so please e-mail me some ideas about this blog to help it get going again, and I AM GONNA TRY THIS TIME. absolutly no quitting, because I know at at first, my hits will be low, but, I gotta keep trying and I’ll get there, back to have I was with 600 hits a day, and If i try I can do it, but I need your help!




Summer holidays and probably quitting!

August 5, 2009

Heya everyone (well not exactly everyone cuz no one visits this site and thats why i’m probably quitting, and I just dont have the time…)
Anyway, it’s finally da summer holidays, but the weather in england int exactly special right now but never mind! lol
I will be blogging on stardoll and my stardoll name is Pinkzohot
Thx 2 everyone who visited,
but I might not be defiantly quitting, I might just log in 2 say hello.

History of blog:
Started about may 2008 (and blogged about cp)
quitted late 2008/ early 2009
and I deleted all my posts ,
but then I started again and my life (who wants 2 know whats ahppening anyway!???)

Happy birthday shyshy6510

May 23, 2009

Happy birthday shyshy6510, hope you have a awesome day!!!!

Swimming, sleepovers, shopping, shirts, shoes…

May 16, 2009


I’m not up 2 much now, just chillin’ out, ya know? Last night I went swimming my by bff, thwn slept round hers, we stayed up really late, and had lot’s of fun, espesically telling ghost stories! My Mum came to pick me up at about 10:30am the next morning, and we cylced into town and went shopping. I have about £20 to spend, so I bought a shirt/ blouse (a pinkish colour, and very cute!) and a pair on canvas pumps/ plimsolls! (Like the style shown and on the post below) They are awesome, just black, but with glittering rainbow stars all over them! 😛

Yum Yum, smells as if my Mum just made a cake, g2g…


P.S. Soz I hadn’t been updating for quite a while, I had some importent tests/ exams at school this week, so I’ve been pretty busy revising! 😀

Awesome shoes (Doe you like them!?)

April 20, 2009

Hey, here are 2 pairs of my shoes, do you like them? and which ones do you like best?

Psychedelic Those are called phycodelic plimsolls.

And those ones dont there are my pink check ones.


I’m so BORED!

April 20, 2009

Well I’m really bored 2day! We were supposed to be going to  a seaside place, as the weather it gorgeous , but upsettingly, it was canclled. Lol! Well, i’ve gotta go back to school 2moz, (that means tomorrow!) I suppose school is ok, but homework is pretty anoying, espicially when I want to go and hang out with my mates!!! Hehe!

Well today my Nan is coming and this afternoon we are getting out bouncy castle out (a bouncy castle it sorta like a trapoline, but shaped as a castle and filled with air, it’s pretty fun, but a bit babyish, but I suppse I do have two younger nrother and one younger sister1!!!) Heheheeeee!!!!!!



Happy easter (I know it’s only good friday, but…)

April 10, 2009


Wishing you ALL GREAT EASTER!!!!!!!!

Good friday was kinda boring aswell. All I did was play in my yard all day. Oh and wrote stories…. lol. Oh yeah, I’ve gotta do homework…. how BORING i’d rather fall in the ditch like a did a few weeks ago when i was suppose 2 being doing homework lol! Well, I did my homework when I got home, but my arm hurt so much I could barely write! hehe!!! Oh and, btw (by the way..) Do and of you ppl like rollar skating/blading? Just wondering….

Do u think my new theme is any better or worse! I kinda like it, I had this theme ages ago when I blogged about club penguin, (I deleted all my cp posts!) I still play cp, but I plan to quit when my membership runs out because next school year i’m gunna be rlly busy with homework and all that stuff so there is no point in paying for my membership when I don’t use it… lol, I’m still playing cp for now, and my penguin is called  ruby ele1997    and I always wear those glamourous sunglasses (which were out ages ago.) I might also quit cp because they are bringing back the old items, and I have a lot of them…. But some of them I don’t have (I’m not a beta, or VERY rare!) lol.

Cya, g2g now!!!

Plz keep visting and commenting, ‘cuz I miss my old veiwers!!!


Shopping (again)

April 4, 2009


lol, my mate slept over and we went shopping for FOUR whole hours! Lol! My legs really ache, I even tried on the highest of high heels and a georgeous dress! 😉
Oh metioning dresses, I found a really nice dress in my sister room, and it fit my, it’s so georgeous, pink and black, so AWESOME!

Im a SO SOZZY i haven’t posted 4 ages….

March 29, 2009


Anyway, I’m going to now write about what has happened L8LY!

L8ly I have been going sk8ing with my Bfs sooooo much! WE even went to a rollar disco, and I didnt fall over @ all! =) I love rollar sk8ing 😉 I went major shopping again, and brought black plimsolls (sneakers, plimsolls is the english name! [I think])  I went in my fave shop  (claires) But didnt have enough pocket money left! Lol, I spent it ALL! Hehe!  I have been having a sleepovers every friday, which is so cool|! (I useally have baout 2 a month)  Anyway, today went out 2 “play” with my friends, and we went 2 the ditches, and I almost fell in the ditch and thorns and branbles cut my arm, I think i have twisted rlly badly aswell! Lol.  It hurts1 Heheheheheeeeeee!  Also, I have started a rlly long diary entry for each day, as I plan to be a writer when I am older (writing stories is probaly the onl;y thing i am good @)  I will post them on my blog, however, some of them have my DEEEEEEPEST SECERETS! Anyway, I have to go, cuz my Dad is forcing me, lol! (Jk)
Well, still g2g!

Cya soon!

Oh p.s. there is a penguin award thingy @ the stage!


=P 😛 😀